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Stabilant 22A | Snake Oil

Stabilant 22A
Stabilant 22A

Stabilant 22A

I have been told many times about Stabilant 22A and how good it is. So I bought a bottle and have been using it ever since. The last time I used it I thought to myself, what is this stuff, how does it work, and thought that maybe it was just some expensive snake oil. Well I haven’t done any tests on it myself but I did browse the net a bit. I found out that 22A was a diluted form of straight 22. Here is what I found on the companies 1980’s looking website. I almost think this site was one of the first 100 ever built. If only I knew.

From their site:

    Stabilant 22 is an initially non-conductive block polymer that when used in a thin film within contacts switches to a conductive state under the effect of the electrical field. The field gradient at which this occurs is set such that the material will remain non-conductive between adjacent contacts in a multiple pin connector environment. 

    Thus, when applied to electromechanical contacts, Stabilant 22 provides the connection reliability of a soldered joint without bonding the contacting surfaces together!

    Contacts are generally the weakest link in any piece of electrical-electronic equipment whether it be an electronic ignition module, an automotive computer, power door locks, or even headlights. The use of Stabilant 22 or its isopropanol-diluted form Stabilant 22A, will make contacts from 10 to 100 times more reliable, eliminating costly callbacks and ensuring customer satisfaction.

    more can be read here


I think GM’s new dielectric grease pn 12377900 has some similiar form of Stabilant 22 in it to help with fuel injector and other terminal fretting issues.

I did actually find some hard test numbers on Stabilant 22 in a Railroad Model Craftsmen magazine which can be read here

This article did see some great electrical connection improvements with numbers to prove it. I bought my Stabilant 22A at NAPA. Hope this helps someone out. You can purchase and find more customer reviews here.


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  1. Kenny A.

    What was the Napa part number sr the Stabilant 22A. I did a search on napaonline and came up empty. Thanks

  2. Dustin

    The non-diluted form of Stabilant 22 can be found from using their search bar. It looks like you’ll need some pure isopropyl alchohol to dilute it into 22A though. It may be significantly less expensive too.

  3. I have been using Stabilant 22 for the last 10 – 15 years with excellent results. Any time I put a card in a PC it gets a coating of S22. RAM cards, HDD’s, battey contacts, you name it. Recently I was having trouble making a good connection with my eprom reader while using a Pomona clip at low voltage setting. Brushed a little S22 on the contacts and problem solved!

  4. T

    The title of this page is just a tad deceptive, don’t you think??

    Are you trying to establish that Stabilant 22 is “Snake Oil”? That’s what the title clearly implies.

    A title shouldn’t be derived from some soliloquy that’s not aligned with the article’s core intent..

    • Travis Dewitz

      I try to draw my readers in. Make it interesting. Its not a sales pitch and I think many products in the automotive field are “snake oil” as I am sure many other do as well. Wasn’t trying to be deceiving, just interesting.

  5. Jim

    The title may have benefited from a question mark or two after the “snake oil” , but I think the article is quite clear, and does not suggest that Stabilant 22 is anything other than a legitimate product. Did you read the article T ?

  6. Jim S

    I have been using Stabilant 22A for many years on all PCs I build or repair. I have found it most effective on memory Dimms. With 240 connections per Dimm module and 4 modules per motherboard, that’s nearly 1000 connections. When PC’s fail to boot into the BIOS, it is often due to faulty or weak connections in the RAM sockets. A thorough cleaning of the RAM modules and sockets with Isopropyl alcohol and an application of stabilant 22A has always returned the system to working order. I’ve tried just cleaning the modules and often that alone is insufficient to achieve stable operation. Stabilant 22A makes a huge difference.

  7. FRank

    Helpfull comments.One question though. Is S22 suitable to improve the contacts on a automotive doorlock ,trunk lid clicker contact modular board ? mine needs a little help.thanks

    • Michiel Lombaers

      S22 works the best on permanent contacts, it’s not intended for (sparking) switches.
      So for all the connectors it’s brilliant. For the switches; clean them once a year with isopropyl.
      I’ve been a happy user for both computers and pro-audio stuff for the past 15 years.

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  9. Dave

    Stabilant 22A has saved me from replacing airbag modules more than once! (on my own cars- I am not a mechanic)

    I special ordered it from NAPA after an Audi mechanic told me he needed to replace one of my airbags because he couldn’t get the airbag error to stop. It turned out to be a sensor connector under the front seat. It took me 15 mins to fix it, and I drove the car for another 3 years with no airbag errors at all. It’s expensive but I have been using the same bottle for years!

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